Welcome to S.A.F.E.

A Northwest startup Nonprofit working with people of all abilities to bring them the magic of SCUBA diving.







What is S.A.F.E.

Scuba Access For Everyone (S.A.F.E.) is a nonprofit organization that uses SCUBA diving to help people with limited abilities or living with trauma to change their narrative about what is possible. 

We offer adaptive diving to people on the autism spectrum, people with physical challenges, and people experiencing PTSD.  For many, getting under water is a powerful gateway to healing: it is a space of zero gravity, magic, new competencies, a pain-free zone – and a new understanding  of what is possible for them in their lives.

Adaptive Diving


Adaptive diving is our commitment to get people with disabilities underwater, to help them discover what is there for them. Through diving, there is therapeutic value in both the emotional and physical realms for our clients. As the term “adaptive” suggests, we don’t assume there is one solution to fit all needs. We have a variety of equipment and full range of creativity and commitment to get people with disabilities underwater.

S.A.F.E. has equipment and can train buddies to work with:

  • People on the autism spectrum
  • People with physical disabilities, including amputees and those assisted by wheelchairs
  • People living with trauma and PTSD

We host all our training in a private pool facility in Hillsboro, OR, that is designed to accommodate adaptive divers.

Volunteer & Donate


S.A.F.E. is a tax-exempt organization that needs donations to fuel our purchase of equipment and other hard costs. We are an all-volunteer organization, so 100 percent of your donation will go towards getting people with disabilities underwater.

Become a Certified Dive  Buddy


Using DIVEHEART training and principles, S.A.F.E. trains “buddies” – primarily people who already dive who would like to share their passion with those of different abilities. SAFE offers 3 levels of training: DIVEHEART certified Dive Buddy, Advanced Dive Buddy and Instructor. 

Try Adaptive Diving

We work with dive clients to get them underwater in spite of their disabilities, drawing on adaptive equipment, buddies, and our own resourcefulness and creativity, to help them take on a challenge that might have once seemed impossible.

And once they try? The magic happens.

Get involved or Donate Today.